Five Common Spelling Mistakes

Over the course of the years, I have found that some words are routinely misspelt more often than others. Here are some of them:

  1. Lose: This, according to me, is the most frequently misspelt/misused word today. I regularly encounter the term loose in place of lose. Come on, guys, loose is the opposite of tight, whereas lose is a verb that means to end up without
  2. Effect: Many people use effect when they mean affect. The former means consequence while the latter means to influence. Effect can also be used in terms like “personal effects, special effects” etc. where it means ‘properties/characteristics’.
  3. Occasion: I’ve lost count of the number of invitations I’ve received asking me to ‘grace the occassion‘. Remember, just one s there.
  4. Mischievous: As kids, we were constantly being told to be good and not be mischevious (miss-chee-vee-yus). If you say it right (miss-chee-vus), chances are, you’ll spell it right too.
  5. Dais: Emcees have been known to call speakers/award recipients/chief guests to the dias. Again, if you pronounce it correctly, you cannnot go wrong with the spelling.

Can you think of any more misspelt words?


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  1. My list of commonly misspelt words :’tommorow’ instead of ‘tomorrow’, ‘seperate’ instead of ‘separate’, ‘recieve’ instead of ‘receive’.


  2. Good one ! Thanks to spell checks , I am losing my grasp over the language …can barely write without an error here and there….nice blog Rajani !!!

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