Blundering Typos

The title of this post is a nostalgic nod to Captain Haddock from Tintin comics whose patent line was “Billions of Blistering Blue Barnacles”. (Not that I’m alleging any greatness in writing comic bylines myself.)

To come to the point,  I recently came across a few typos and spelling errors that so changed the meaning of the word intended that the blunders had me rolling on the floor – figuratively, of course. Here they are.

  • An intimation of an impending temporary suspension of water supply to our apartment building to carry out certain repairs had this line at the end of the note. “Incontinence is regretted.” Uh, with no water in the toilets, I suppose incontinence would indeed be a regrettable state to be in.


  • As part of a group discussion via e-mail on turning off lights during “Earth Hour” yesterday, a lady neighbour wrote, “Darkness brings out the breast in us.” I sincerely believe that she meant “beast” but I couldn’t help playing out the statement in my mind’s eye.


  • Another e-mail said this: “In canvassing for votes, I personally mate several residents in the complex.” Wow, this is called taking public service to a whole new level!

Why, oh why, do people not read what they wrote before they hit ‘Send’?


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  1. hilarious! picturing it adds to the fun!

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